Our mission is to help you influence more people by extending your reach, online and in print, and increasing audience engagement, primarily in community news outlets in the wealthy suburbs, so you can maximize results.


Content Syndication combined with Mat Release Distribution is a staple in most consumer outreach and public awareness programs. Our niche is reaching beyond standard lists of contacts at major media outlets nationwide to editors and broadcasters in community news outlets in wealthy, bedroom communities of major markets. That's where those tend to exist, all of which are supported by local advertising, where marketers can get the biggest bang for their buck and the highest ROI. We can help you maximize your reach with a multimedia series, including social media. We offer proposals at no cost or obligation. We are based in New York City and have staff from coast to coast.



Message from Dorothy York, CEO: I am grateful to help people succeed, for serving thousands of clients over 30+ years and generating helpful information from experts. Thanks for your support!